Black Friday Sale Info

Thanks for visiting our website! We hope you are enjoying your holiday and the near end of the year as best as possible. If you have any questions please read below or check our normal FAQ page. Feel free to contact us through email (worldsnackin@gmail), Instagram (@worldsnackin), or Twitter (@worldsnackin) if we can assist. Happy shopping!



Our Thanksgiving Day/ Black Friday sale starts at 9AM on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th, 2020) and will likely last until the evening of Cyber Monday.



We are dropping lots of new products that won't be visible until 9AM exactly. That's also when you will see the restock come in. More products will be added during the duration of Thanksgiving Day along with continual restock throughout the entirety of the sale.



While we encourage you to shop freely, we are not fulfilling bulk orders at this time in order to keep fair availability to our shoppers during the sale as much as possible. We have the right to refuse, refund, or deny any order as we see fit in accordance with our current guidelines and those temporarily enacted for the duration of our sale. Please refer to our policy pages for more info. If you are a business and would like access to our new wholesale portal please contact us. This is a new function we are continuing to work on and is intended for B2B only. Thanks.



Shipping times may be slightly delayed due to large amounts of mail this time of year. Please note your package may take up to a week from the time of shipping to reach you.