WS Collectables

Welcome to the World Snackin' Collectables Page!
  • Overview: This page is for collectors in the soda, energy, and snack community. We will attempt to keep this section frequently updated.
  • Info #1: Items in the WS Collectable page can only be found directly through the link at the bottom of the page. These items will not appear by search. Sort alphabetically for more organized results.
  • Info #2: All items in this section should be considered "Not For Consuming". These items are for collectors and consumption of anything from this section is solely at your own risk. We take no responsibility if you do so.
  • Info #3: All sales from this page are final. We do our best to accurately provide as much information as possible on each item.
  • Various Item Condition Ratings: Perfect, Great, Good, Fair, Poor, Bad.
  • Guide: (C) - Collectable, (F) - Full, (E) - Empty, (D) - Drained, (L) - Losing Air/ Deflating, (S) - Single Item/ Pictured Item, (M) - Multiple of Same Item/ Pictures Should Be Used as Sample But Not Exact, (X) - Other